I went to dance class last night and my arms are tired. No, I wasn't dancing on my hands, but I was learning to hold myself in a proper tango position, which includes putting pressure on your partner. Weight on the balls of my feet, knees bent, torso straight and tilted forward, core engaged - sounds more like a fighting stance than a dance move, but it turns out Argentine Tango is a little like fighting. You don't move until your partner puts pressure on you to move, kind of like a battle of the wills (if you're following - if you're leading it's a whole different story).

Interestingly enough, I found leading much easier than following. I know, none of you are surprised to learn I'm a control freak. I liked being the "aggressor" more than the "aggressee" (is that a word?). I'm told once you know some of the moves you can dance with anyone, anywhere - it's all about reading each other's bodies. And we got a lot of opportunity to do that as we paired with different members of the class in semi-intimate positions.

The fun thing about this class and this type of dance is that our instructors will teach us all how to lead and how to follow. With only seven people in the class we'll get a lot of one-on-one help from instructors Laura and Emma, who have already been very patient about having to tell me the same thing over and over - so far, anyway. We'll see how they're doing after six weeks of me!

More about the Argentine Tango as a dance in a future post!

Oh, and I have to send a shout out to my husband who's racking up a bunch of points for learning to tango with me!


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