I thought #13 - Have a Snowball Fight was going to be so simple it might be cheating to put it on the list. Then winter hit, and we had no snow. In Maine. What are the chances of that, right? As the calendar turned through the winter months, I slowly started panicking. But it was okay because I had a Plan B - make my own snow.

The Internet is an amazing place, even offering directions in making your own snow. Interestingly enough, you can do it with the stuff that's inside baby diapers (and before you say it - because my husband already did - no, not poop.) But happily I didn't have to storm the baby aisle at the grocery store. My chances of completing my list got a reprieve in the form of 9.6 inches of snow here in Portland on Thursday. I had two words on my mind: snowball fight!

Working for a university has its perks. Both my husband and I got to stay home as the snow piled up all day. My plan to have a snowball fight was in motion. I searched the Internet all day to see if a large-scale fight would break out like it did last year, but to no avail. As I watched the storm continue, with blowing winds and white-out conditions, my motivation to actually go out there and "play" dwindled. By the time late afternoon rolled around and the daylight was waning, I was no closer to donning my snow pants.

I wasn't too worried, I had the entire next day with a world covered in snow. But apparently my husband didn't want to take any chances. After going to "check the mail" he returned to our condo with a handful of snow and a grin. I guilted him into tossing it into the sink instead of over my head, from which I instantly scooped it up and hit him with my first snowball of the season. It was on.

Since then every time we leave the condo we somehow end up pelting each other with snowballs. Walking to the Pirates hockey game last night (yes, they won!), we fought on both the way there and the way back. The Internet proved useful once again as a resource on the physics of snowballs, which I applied to great success. Not that we're competitive, but it's probably a good thing that we're getting a lot of rain turning our snow piles into slush piles, or we would still be lobbing snowballs at each other.

Another challenge complete!


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